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Project Delivery/Construction Methods

 Richard Barr and Company provides services for its clients under three basic

 Design Bid (Traditional)

 In the Design Bid delivery procedure, the Owner commissions the Architect to design
 the desired facility and produce the “Contract Documents” to be used. One or more
 construction companies bid or negotiate to obtain the right to provide construction
 services. The advantage is believed to be a competitive approach to obtaining a
 construction price. However, most bid procedures end up in a negotiated format.
 The Architect continues through construction as the Owner’s Observer to ensure the
 contractor’s compliance with the design intent. Under this procedure, the Architect
 requires the Owner to pre-qualify three to five contractors for bid consideration. The
 purpose of pre-qualification is to lessen the possibility of an antagonistic relationship
 between the Owner’s selected Architect and bid chosen Contractor.


 The Partnership delivery procedure allows the client all the safeguards of traditional
 design bid services while allowing Owner and Architect to build a team towards a
 common goal of program and budget. The team is completed with the addition of the
 Contractor based on their compatibility with the Owner’s program, budget goals and
 the Architect.


 Design/Build provides one contact point for the owner, and typically these projects
 are budget driven. This process of delivery links the Architect and Contractor
 together. Architect led contracts will deliver projects with emphasis on quality and
 the Owner’s program. Contractor led contracts will emphasize the budget as the
 bottom line at the expense of quality and program.

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