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Basic Services Proposal

 Typical Services and Fees

 The Architects services are divided into five basic phases. These phases are
 described in detail within The Standard Form of Agreement between the Owner
 and Architect, AIA B141 1987 Edition or B151 Abbreviated Version
. The phases are
 the Schematic Design (20%), The Design Development Phase (15%), The Contract
 Documentation Phase (45%), The Bidding/negotiation Phase (5%) and the
 Construction Administration Phase (15%).

 Basic Services

 As an opportunity to provide the most service for the dollar and minister to the Owner
 as much as possible, RBCI will provide, as a part of the schematic design phase, a
 review of the owner’s programmatic needs and an architectural master plan study.
 Also included in the basic Owner and Architect contract are the following services:
 structural engineering, mechanical and plumbing engineering and electrical engineering
 in addition to bidding assistance and construction observation.

 Qualifications/Additional Services

 Soils Engineers, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and
 Acoustical Design, as well as other specialized consultants, are not provided as a
 basic service but may be added as an additional service. Also, code and zoning
 related work or work requiring state approval, including but not limited to, Day Schools
 or other full time education facilities, is not included in basic services.
State reviewed
 program criteria must be fully programmed at the beginning due to the difference
 between State and Local requirements.


 Fees for commissions are determined on a project-to-project basis. Fees for Religious
 Architecture projects normally range from 4 to 6 percent of the construction cost.
 Also, available on larger projects, is a negotiated fixed fee. Along with project scope
 and complexity, other determining factors of calculating fee are budget and ministry
 goals of the organization as well as committee structure and meeting requirements.

 Reimbursable Expenses include, but are not limited to, all printing, delivery fees, long
 distance telephone charges, renderings and models (Computer or otherwise
 generated). Reimbursable expenses are fully designated in the AIA Owner/Architect

 All projects must be commissioned on the basis of the execution of the Standard Form
 of Agreement between the Owner and Architect, AIA B141 1987 Edition or B151
 Abbreviated Version.


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