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Church Fund Raising/Financing

Church Fund Raising/Financing

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 Church Fund Raising

 Master Resources, Inc.
 Contact: Archer Thorpe @ (615) 330-0917

 Injoy Stewardship Services
 www.injoy.com (Look for link at top)
 Contact: Kirk Nowery @ (800) 333-6509

 Shepherd’s Group
 Contact: Dr. Curt Dodd @ 888-834-9552

 Impac Services
 Contact: Maurice Painter @ (615) 372-0316

Financial Resources

 Financial Resources
 Tennessee Baptist Foundation
 Contact: W. L. (Bo) Childs @ (800) 552-4644

 North America Mission Board, NAMB
 Contact: Chris Emery @ (615) 758-5339

 Bank of the West
 Contact: Dennis Moses @ (615) 293-8300

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